About Fat cow

Our story

Katie & Dallas moved from California to Wyoming in 2020 to find peace and quiet and a community that better aligned with their beliefs and values.

After moving, they soon discovered that high quality food was not readily available to the majortiy of the US. They went from being able to go to their local grocery to find locally raised beef with details on how it was raised and what was in it, to having access to mostly mytery meat. They decided to solve that problem by raising their own and in that proces discovered their passion and desire to feed others the same high quality, home-grown, highland beef.


    By supporting ranchers, you get to choose how your beef is raised and what's in it. Our Premium Highland Beef is raised with the highest standards because we care.


    Pick one of our most popular beef boxes or a box that fits your needs. All of our boxes are packed with our ultra premium, USA born, raised and processed Scottish Highland Beef.

  • ENJOY!

    Each cut of beef is individually vacuum sealed and flash-frozen at our local USDA processing facility where it is inspected and approved for sale. Your beef will arrive frozen and ready for your freezer or fridge.

Fat Cow Ranch

Our cows are born locally here in Wyoming and Montana, raised in grass here in Wyoming, and processed at a USDA facility in Sheridan, WY with attention to detail and passion for great meat.

Raised and Produced With Care

Our Highland cattle are raised with care in a low-stress environment. They are allowed to graze freely which contributes to their tenderness and depth of flavor in the meat.

Highland Beef is nutrient dense naturally without adding any hormones. It is high in healthy fats, including omega-3 fatty acids and beneficial conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which are associated with various health benefits. It is a lean meat that bursts with flavor and tenderness.

Here, each carcass is carefully hung for a duration spanning between 7 to 24 days, adapting to the unique moisture content and leanness of the animal. Following this, the beef is skillfully cut, expertly wrapped, vacuum-sealed, and promptly frozen to preserve its freshness. We ensure our beef is shipped within the next 30 days, guaranteeing a farm-to-table freshness that embodies our commitment to quality and taste.


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